Concrete Repair & Restoration

Concrete Repair and Restoration

Structural Applications

We offer polymer modified cementitious high performance repair mortar for vertical and overhead surfaces including parking structures, roads, bridges, tunnels, walkways and general spalled concrete areas.  We offer Polyurea based or epoxy based concrete joint filling for crack repairs, and also offer concrete hardeners and sealers.

Concrete Repair:

  1. Saw cut square of rectangle around the perimeter of the spall area required repair
  2. Mechanically remove deteriorated or loosed concrete
  3. Clean and prepare all exposed rebar and apply bonding agent as required by the repair mortar manufacturer
  4. Diagnose the cause of the deterioration or spalling
  5. Select proper repair material, the method of repair
  6. Install polymer-modified, shrinkage-compensating repair mortar or epoxy mortar and finish as necessary

Concrete Repair and Joint Filling Process


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